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Communicate with me, securely, via PGP email

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

If you have received email from me, you may notice the following text in the signature line:

Do you use PGP and wish to exchange email, securely?
Download my public key.  
Key fingerprint should end with "C9B5 BBE2 5DE2 ACB0"

I have my PGP public keys available for download, if you wish to communicate with me, securely, by using a PGP compatible email software package.

On that subject, I am using Mailvelope to add PGP security to my personal email accounts. Mailvelope supports both Google Gmail and Yahoo Mail, and can be used with Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox browsers. I find Mailvelope to be very user friendly, decreasing the complexity often found with trying to set up a PGP supported email system.

If you want to take advantage of this, there are three main steps. I'm assuming you have existing Gmail or Yahoo Mail accounts, and are using either Chrome or Firefox browsers.

  1. Download and configure Mailvelope extension to the browser, and set up your PGP keys. Here is a YouTube video which I find very helpful to guide you through this process. Although the video author uses Mozilla Firefox for the demonstration, the experience is very similar for Google Chrome.

  2. Obtain my public PGP keys. I use two personal email accounts, and I maintain two separate public keys. You can download by Gmail key by clicking here, and my Yahoo key by clicking here.

  3. After you download my PGP public key(s), go ahead and import them into Mailvelope using Chrome and Mozilla. If you successfully completed step #1, Mailvelope will recognize the key(s) and prompt you to import it into your Mailvelope keyring.

After that is accomplished, note the key fingerprint in the lower right hand corner.

Compare the last sixteen letters and numbers against those contained in my email signatures.

If they match, as they do when you inspect my yellow highlights in the two images above, then you obtained the correct PGP keys.

Send me a secure email via Mailvelope as a head's up. If you went through the steps in the video tutorial correctly I will be able to pick up your public PGP key from the Mailvelope key server. After that is done, then we are good to go!

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