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Curriculum Vitae




Professional Summary

I specialize in designing and delivering complex technology solutions for large corporate clients. My expertise includes sales engineering, program/project management, and systems integration. I excel at engaging clients to define and prioritize their requirements, ensuring total customer satisfaction. I am enhancing my AI and machine learning skills to further my career. I aim to leverage my technical and leadership abilities to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results.

Career Achievements

• Delivered three RFP responses valued at over US$100M to multinational technology service providers, leading to initial sales awards.
• Defined and prioritized client requirements supporting over US$10M of annual recurring revenue (ARR).
• Led technologists and project managers to implement a nationwide short messaging and multimedia service supporting +100 million subscribers across the USA.
• Drove process and quality improvements to realize a cycle time reduction of 50% and increased customer satisfaction with the end product.
• Continuously advancing my career through active upskilling in generative artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

• Current focus on identifying business cases and developing software solutions for generative text, financial management, and cybersecurity applications.

Core Competencies​

Pre-Sales | Sales Engineering | Proof of Concept Trials | Strategic Technology Planning | Network Architecture | Testing | Application Development | System Integration | Project Management | Vendor Relations | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence |Natural Language Processing (NLP) | Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) | 5G Standalone Core technologies | 4G LTE Core Networks |Cloud Computing | OpenStack | OpenShift | Amazon Web Services | Kubernetes | Cybersecurity | IP Networking | Web Development | Generative AI Tools

Programming Languages

Python with Machine Learning libraries ∙ NodeJS ∙ HTML ∙ CSS ∙ Javascript

Professional Experience
Solutions Manager at Ericsson North America

​May 2016 - Present

Sales Engineering achievements include:

• Participated in a team of pre-sales solution engineers, contributing statements of compliance (SoC) responses for 5G standalone core containerized network functions in response to a large Tier 1 wireless service provider’s issued RFP.
• Managed a sales funnel by negotiating and prioritizing software customizations with external clients, generating tens of millions of USD in annual recurring sales (ARR).

• Led customer proof-of-concept trials for emerging products, defining the technical goals to determine trial success and using client feedback to influence the product.

• Implemented an agile DevOps strategy to upgrade a virtualized application to a containerized deployment, meeting unique customer requirements.

• Improved requirements management processes, reducing the time between client requirement submission and budgetary offer presentation by 125%.
• Responsible for delivering software upgrade activities on a nine-year services program valued at multiple millions of USD in sales value.
• Spearheaded an internal process improvement initiative that reduces the manual effort to produce documentation deliverables. Realized benefits: up to 4 weeks per document while meeting quality expectations.


Lead Technical Manager, Messaging at Nokia Networks 

​May 2011 - April 2016


Technical program and project management achievements include:

• Led the post-sales delivery program of text and multimedia messaging software to a leading Tier 1 communications service provider to support their +100 million subscribers, realizing multiple millions of USD ARR.
• Accountable to senior management for maintaining target profit margins at project estimate at completion (EAC).

Initially achieved formal Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in January 2016 and consistently renewed it.

Principal Staff Systems Engineer at Motorola Solutions, Inc.

​August 2005 - April 2011

Systems integration achievements include:


Deployed Push to Talk voice and short text and multimedia messaging systems (SMSC, MMSC) to Tier 1 communications service providers in North America, integrating those systems into their existing networks, resolving technical issues that arose, and driving towards acceptance of the sold solutions.

Director, SS7/IN Engineering at bcgi (Boston Communications Group Inc.) 

​December 2000 - August 2005

System integration and software development lifecycle (SDLC) achievements include:

• Redesigned the voice trunking interfaces between Tier 1 and 2 North American carriers into bcgi's hosted prepaid platform, increasing service availability to meet 99.5% SLA requirements.

• Fault identification of mission critical hardware and software components with bcgi's hosted prepaid voice solution. Drove resolution with third party supplier to improve service uptime.

Professional Development
Develop generative AI applications to implement natural language use cases

November 2023 to Present

• Spelling and grammar correction.

• "Ask your document" RAG application.

• Customize resumes using job descriptions and prompt engineering.

• Personal financial management

Leverage generative AI and machine learning models to mitigate cybersecurity threats

May 2024 to Present

• Explore the capabilities of large language and machine learning models to improve cybersecurity defenses, particularly in detecting deepfake impersonations.

Volunteer Experience
Technology Committee Member, Professional Support Group of Central New Jersey (PSGCNJ)

May 2024 to Present


• Lead redesigning the nonprofit's WordPress website, implementing new themes and updating content to enhance user experience and improve site functionality.

Community Volunteer, New Jersey Highlands Coalition

January 2021 to Present


• Provide technical services on a freelance basis to nonprofit groups, enabling them to flourish and excel in their respective missions.
• Develop websites and electronic communications (email newsletters).

Chairman of the Board, Washington Borough NJ Board of Adjustments

January 2013 to September 2018


Provide leadership to quasi judicial body that adjudicates appeals of zoning cases.

National Technological University

Masters of Science in Computer Engineering (One term completed)

University of Pittsburgh

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology

Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI)​

Valid from January 2016 until January 2028


Credential ID: ​1892582

Machine Learning Fundamental Level 2023 from Ericsson

​Issued July 2023 (no expiration)

Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python: Foundations from LinkedIn Learning

​Issued June 2023 (no expiration)

2023 MANA Cloud Software & Services: Security Critical Skill from Ericsson

​Issued June 2023 (no expiration)

2023 MANA Cloud Software & Services: Cloud Native / Infrastructure + HCP Critical Skill from Ericsson

​Issued July 2023 (no expiration)

Project+ from CompTIA

​Issued October 2009 (no expiration)


Credential ID: COMP001020022721

Network+ from CompTIA

​Issued September 2010 (no expiration)


Credential ID: COMP001020022721

Security+ from CompTIA

​Issued December 2010 (no expiration)


Credential ID: COMP001020022721

Patent Filings
Mobile Access Terminal Security Function

Application Filed to USPTO on March 14th, 2007

View Patent Application online

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