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I leverage deep technical knowledge and business acumen to ensure successful product and service creation, project delivery and client satisfaction. Skilled in solution sales, program and project management, systems integration, and customer engagement, I excel at defining and prioritizing client requirements, and then delivering solutions while controlling cost, schedule, and scope. My exceptional communication fosters long-term client partnerships. Passionate about AI and machine learning, I continuously upskill to ensure innovative, client-focused solutions.




New York City Metro Area, United States



“Chris is an extremely adaptable talent, able to fill a role from principal engineer to executive. While working with Chris, we cooperated on multiple production and pre-production issues and successfully managed critical situations at the business and technical layer. Chris is easy to work with, able to provide structure and discipline to technical organizations, and willing to spend the time on the soft skills which quite often fall off of the plate in high-tech organizations.”

— Jason Medeiros, CIO, American Well



"The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That's nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born."

Warren Bennis



As the designated technical project leader on a strategic virtualized project, I was responsible for gathering customer requirements, communicating user stories to multiple development teams, defining and communicating software roadmap deliveries back towards the customer, and working with the deployment engineers to validate the product scope for customer acceptance.   Project was valued at $12M USD.

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